Rwanda Institute for Conflict Transformation

Current Projects


Radio Mahama

Recently we proposed Radio Mahama, which would be a democratically representative and participatory community radio station in the Mahama refugee camp and surrounding area. In addition to filling the current media void in the camp and empowering residents to engage in community-building, the broadcast programme itself will also focus on two fundamental democratic issues: human rights, and peacebuilding. There is no radio nor any other coordinated media operation inside the camp or neighbouring communities. Therefore ‘Radio Mahama’ will have a unique and privileged opportunity to be the only voice on the radio waves. The main goals of ‘Radio Mahama’ will be to a) increase awareness and respect for human rights and b) promote a culture of peace through democratic peacebuilding. Due to the nature of the project and its potential, there are several other goals ICP-Rwanda hopes to achieve. These include:

a) Provide a forum for community development.

b) Encourage independent creativity and innovation

c) Provide a forum for cultural expression.

d) Increase access to information and media communication.

e) Create an atmosphere of community solidarity.f) Increase the effectiveness and coordination of information campaigns and service delivery mechanisms that are already in the camp.

You can download our full project proposal here


Early Childhood Development Centres

ICP Rwanda currently supports two Early Childhood Development Centres in Rwanda. Books for the children are provided by our partners Books International. We are presently working towards opening a third Early Childhood Development Centre in Nyamata. The building will have three sections, each with a separate function: an ECD Centre, a teacher training facility and a library. The library will be an open access community library.We plan to open the school at the beginning of the school year in September 2018.  We plan on supplying each of the centres with a cow.


Cow Donation Programme

We supply the Early Childhood Development Centres we support with cows. These cows allow the centres to provide porridge to the children- often the only food they will receive for the day until their dinner in the evening. We hope to supply twelve cows to ECD Centres by the end of 2018.


Sponsorship Programmes

The supporters of ICP Rwanda can sponsor a child. 30 US Dollars a month covers the child’s health insurance and the nutrition of all of the child’s family. The sponsors receive scanned copies of the child’s school reports and we encourage the child to write letters to their sponsors.

Jerry Parr, the CEO of Willow Tree Early Education Team, sponsors Irene, pictured with Jerry above.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child, find out more here.


Past Projects

Consultation on women cross-border traders

On 17th and 18th February 2017, we held a consultation with female cross-border traders and Rubavu District at Centre d’Accueil Saint Francois Xavier covering the rights and responsibilities of women, children’s rights and the Rwandan government’s Early Development Centre policy.

The consultation aimed to cover sexual harassment of women participating in cross border trading, where sex is often requested by corrupt border police in exchange for entry over a border. Most female cross border traders are single mothers and are unable to provide education to their children. The traders report that they are often beaten whenever there is a political tension between the two countries they are crossing between.

It was announced at the meeting that the Rubavu District want to get more engaged in protecting women in protecting women cross borders trader rights by leveraging on existing efforts by the district as well as increasing their efforts.

We agreed with the Rubuvu District to further strengthen our partnership in relation to female cross border traders and the conditions experienced by their children.

Download our full report of the meeting here.

The project was repeated in 2018. Check out our video of the event here. Pictures of the event can be found here.

Nyamata Sewing Machines


ICP Rwanda supplied seven sewing machines to the town of Nyamata for the use of single mothers. We trained them how to to use the machines so that they could produce a sustainable income.