Rwanda Institute for Conflict Transformation

Vision Statement

Our vision is to see communities enjoy peace and rights, so that they can grasp their full potential in life. 

Mission Statement

The Rwanda Institute for Conflict Transformation and Peace Building is a non-profit organisation whose foundation is to lend a hand in rebuilding society through the process of forgiveness and reconciliation. It was founded in 2013. Most communities in Africa, particularly in Rwanda, have been greatly affected by a history of domestic and political violence that has left many people physically, emotionally and psychologically wounded.

Our dream is to expand our community outreach to the entire region, particularly to South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo where acts of violence have been prevalent.

Organisational Profile

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Our Core Values

  • Humanity, peace and justice
  • Professionalism, building cooperation and networking
  • Practicing honesty, love, mutual respect, understanding and team spirit
  • Learning from each other and applying it in practice
  • The right for everyone to develop their own identity without fear or discrimination
  • Being politically independent



About the Founder

ICP Rwanda was founded by Mr. Kalisa Nyarwaya Eddy in 2013. Eddy is a motivational  speaker and human rights activist. He has a Master’s degree in International Relations and has published many articles on the subjects of conflict resolution, healing, peace building  and reconciliation. He gives many talks in universities. Eddy’s work is motivated by his huge experience gained over the last 15 years in the areas of peace building and reconciliation.
Eddy is very well respected for actively and efficiently changing  society’s vision of peacebuilding by working unyieldingly towards reconciliation in Darfur, Central African Republic, Somalia, Kenya, Northern Uganda, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic Congo. He also has strong links with colleagues and universities in the Republic of Ireland and New Zealand.


Our Leadership Team

Bishop John Rucyahana

Advisory Board Member

Dr Wendy Lambourne

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Deborah Mayersen

Advisory Board Member

Mira Mautner

Advisory Board Member

Rev Pastor David Bucura

Advisory Board Member

Oscar Kimanuka

Advisory Board Member

Jerry Parr

Advisory Board Member

Donatha Gihana

Advisory Board Member